UNIKEY MAKINA MUHENDISLIK TAAHHUT TIC. LTD. STI. Turnkey Production Line, Production Line, Machines, Milk Processing Line, Steel Drum Production Line, Tahini Production Line, Food Production Line, Food Processing Line
GUVENC MAKINA ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. onvehicle equipments, truck equipments, garbage compactors, dumpers, tipper trucks, fire fighting trucks, hook lifts, mobile workshops
CUHADAR TREYLER MAK. INS. NAK. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Trailer, Tipper, Tipper Trailer, Pipe Tipper Trailer, Tipper Semi-trailer, Semi-trailer, Tump Truck, Pipe Transport Trailer
BUMER MAKINA IMALAT SERVIS TURIZM SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Live Animal Transport Trailer, Compression Garbage Tools, Hydraulic Ladder Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Semi Trailer Trash, Human Telescopic Platform Lift, Dump, Dump Trailer

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Akmanlar Damper was established in 1972 in Trabzon with the initiative of our founder Nazmettin Akman. Our company continues to produce according to the needs of tipper, tipper trailer, lowbed and on-vehicle equipment. It continues by increasing its capacity with the importance it attaches to product varieties and machinery in line with the developing technology from this date. It serves the tipper manufacturing sector with a total of 50.000 m2 open and 15.000 m2 closed facilities in Trabzon, Istanbul and Ankara. Without compromising product and service quality, It continues its development by being open to innovation, focused on development, appealing to customer demands and expectations, and providing satisfaction and continuity.
Leonpart is a Turkish company and a major international supplier of Automotive spare parts, components, equipment with the Support of more than 100 Turkish and German OEM and OES supplier factories. We export about 20 countries worldwide since 2008. • 10 years in business supplying automotive parts • All employees have technical background and knowledge • Many years of combined managerial, technical experience The Quality Policy of Leonpart is to assure that only material which conforms to our customers’ specifications and requirements is shipped from our facility. Our Quality System meets standard ISO 9001:2008. Leonpart physically inspects each lot of material and/or collects objective evidence of conformance to the customers’ specifications and requirements.
Large industrial companies in Ankara in 1972 in a workshop fonded by Cevdet CUHADAR Ostim organized in 1984 as a service right now , which operates within the industry moved the workshop . 2 in 1999 , from father to son Generation os Mustafa , Kemal CUHADAR and management , and product quality to manufacture the best quality product to move forward with the principal himself has taken the first steps towards a steady growth...
CANGUL TREYLER Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was founded in 1986 by Mehmet CANGUL under the name of CANGUL Tamir ve Bakim Atelyesi. In line with the demand of the market, our company engaged in the maintenance and repair of heavy vehicles and semi-trailers. Our company has been rapidly growing and developing with high quality and economical trailer production has taken the name of CANGUL TREYLER Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. since 2004. With the Cutting-Bending, Sandblasting, Oven Paint, Spare Parts and Repair departments, it has maximized the quality of its production and minimized its cost to the minimum level. Our company continues to develop rapidly with the new investments made every day on total 3800 m2 area.
Bumer Makina started with 5 person working-team by repairing fire trucks and garbage vehicles. In 2005, with technical team expansion, it started production of on-board equipment. At this point, due to the increasing workload, the factory moved to a new 1000 square meters workshop and service, the production activities continued from here. BUMER Makina has continued its production activities by switching to the factory which established in Torbali in 2009. After expansion of production capacity, in 2014 the new factory was opened. The workshop in Buca begun to serve as a service only. Today, as Bumer Makina, we are proud to serve you with more than 20 different products and more than 70 staff members.
Unikey Solutions is an experienced company in the machinery and production industries. The company has been actively involved in the metal industry for many years and has done business in many parts of the world. Later, it started to provide consultancy services to transfer its experience to other companies. Thanks to years of experience Unikey Solutions is able to distinguish the companies that can produce good and high quality from others and contacts the best producers for buyers. In addition, Unikey Solutions and its partners' manufacturing facilities are able to produce turnkey production lines for many products. Unikey Solutions, with its extensive production capability, offers turnkey project solutions for a large number of products, especially in the metal industry, and can respond to different product needs. Unikey Solutions continues to develop itself, and continues to have knowledge and experience in different industries and types of production. Services such as foreign trade and marketing consulting, feasibility study, project planning, facility design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and employee training are benefits of Unikey Solutions company.
MATES, the only producer of aircraft refuelling vehicles in Turkey, has been serving for the aviation industry for twenty years. Dated from 1990 to present, MATES have had co-operation with the market leading companies such as Warner Lewis, Velcon, Argo Tech/Carter.Its genuine designs, reliability and experience lead MATES to create a strong trademark in aviation market. MATES's ability to address all needs of the customers, and its devotion to safety in refuelling is the key of all company operations.
Guvenc Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd. serves your esteemed customers co-operation focused on ; Quality and Reliance since the begining of our established year. Our Company fells proud of presenting logical price policy with best quality knowing Developed Technology and The Century of Competition. Our Company does True Work in True Time and fulfill your respected order with Instantly and Trustworthy. Our Mission is True Team Work. We understand compeletely our Respected Customer’s Requests and fulfill your demand from process of manufacturing to process of transportation in a soon time. We will always be honoured to co-operate with your esteemed customer.